This page provides SFBB+ users with up to date news, special instructions and general information on the App. Particularly following App updates where new features or pages have been provided.

23/04/20 - Version Support Update

As valued SFBB+ customers we realise that it may have been a challenging few months for many of you, but we continue to be here to support you with SFBB+ and hope that being able to access and update your SFBB system remotely has been something you have been able to take advantage of.

We are also letting you know that we are due shortly to make a number of changes to SFBB+ that will improve the efficiency of the database that keeps all of your data and strengthen security. You shouldn't see any significant changes to the way SFBB+ functions - but if you do, please get in touch and we will make sure we address these for you.

The switch over to these updates will take place on 18th May 2020 - after which users will need to be on at least version 1.10.8 (iOS) or 2.3.1 (Android) to continue using the app. We apologise if this effects you but it is important that we maintain SFBB+ to a standard that is safe and secure.

Good luck to you all at this time, stay safe.