We can help you to run a great food business by helping to take away compliance pressures.

We are experienced, practical and friendly Environmental Health Officers. We’ve inspected thousands of businesses just like yours and we know what can make a business great.

We listen too! Our services are always tailored to meet your exact needs at a price that works for you.

You’ll know that the law requires every food business to have a food safety management system. If you’re a caterer then “Safer Food, Better Business” (SFBB) will work for you. It’s designed by the Food Standards Agency to provide a simple solution to your needs. We can help you to complete your SFBB and get it implemented in your business.

If you’ve used SFBB you’ll also know that it can get lost, dirty and jumbled – so we’ve created an App to digitise SFBB.

Download the SFBB+ App here.

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We can also offer you:

Who better to advise you than officers with the same qualifications as those that inspect your business?