undefinedWe have years of experience in the organisation and management of events, ranging from small community events to large outdoor and international events with thousands of visitors. Our experience comes from years of support, both as organisers and as Environmental Health Officers with responsibilities under Licensing legislation.

Who else can you trust for the right advice and support than those who are responsible for its legal enforcement?

We can offer you advice and support during the organisation and management of your event, including all matters of planning, licensable activities, risk assessments, safety policies and emergency planning.

We can provide you with as much assistance as you require, producing event management plans and attending Safety Advisory Groups (SAGs) if required by one of the responsible Licensing Authorities. If required we are also able to attend your event, offering a safety role to your exact requirements. 

If a Local Authority has asked you for an Event Management Plan, often referred to as an EMP, get in touch. We are fully qualified to assist with everything from the planning of a simple street party to the calculation of crowd capacities in a large music event.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you.