Health & safety management is a legal requirement for all workplaces in the UK and essential for the success of any business. The law requires you to protect the health and safety of your employees and anyone else who may be affected by the work that you do.

Small and medium sized businesses often struggle to comply fully with these requirements and can rarely afford a full time health & safety adviser. Even if using the free guidance that is available you must train yourself to become competent in health & safety at the same time as running your business!

We specialise in the provision of solutions to businesses, where cost is a major factor and your time means money. We offer tailored packages and advice to any size of business.

We also offer independent auditing services, ensuring that your systems are implemented correctly. As every businesses requirements are different we will tailor our service and price to your exact needs in order to assist you in complying with your legal duties. We are qualified BS 0HSAS 18001 Lead Auditors so we understand the needs of businesses with accreditation to maintain.

Our services are practical, upfront and honest, with all prices agreed in advance and no hidden additional costs.
Examples of services offered:

With years of experience providing health & safety advisory and enforcement services to Local Authorities, our knowledge is extensive and always practical.

We can offer you a number of options to assist you and your business. We will not tie you into a contract if that is not the right solution. If you only need an hours advice then that is all you will pay for! Examples of services offered:

  • Staff training, including Directors, Managers, Supervisors and general staff
  • Mentoring, so that you can meet your legal obligations in the future without the need for expensive contracts
  • Accident investigation, independent & impartial, full written reports and any subsequent recommendations 
  • The provision of risk assessments and policies, including COSHH, DSE, manual handling etc.
  • One-off advice and written reports for single or multiple matters of concern 
  • Long-term contracts with reviews, audits and reports provided
  • E-mail support with agreed service standards

The list is endless and is tailored to exactly what you require - for the success of your business.

We maintain membership of the IIRSM, IOSH and CIEH, requiring accredited / recognised qualifications and continuous professional development. As BS OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditors we work with partners to provide pre-audit and full quality management system solutions.

Put simply, we are a professional company that will always provide you with the most appropriate advice in order for you to comply with your legal obligations. We guarantee no inflated invoices, just simple, honest, practical advice.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.